Episode 36 – Today Peter F*cked Up – Sacrifice

Today Peter breaks down some sacrifices he’s trying to make in his own life to express care for those that are important to him.  Then we talk about sacrifice in general and where it fits into our relationships.  I don’t have any bad puns or funny quips for this one but, idk, I think this episode is pretty damn good, but give it a listen and judge it for yourself.

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Episode 6 – Thank your toilet, be grateful today

I’m grateful for you. Yes you, staring at your phone screen in confusion. I’m grateful for you. Not because you’re reading the description of this podcast, but because you’re alive. We live in a noisy world. In fact, we live in a really narcissistic world. In a day and age where it’s super easy to get caught up in “Me. Me. Me.”, we talk about the flip side. We talk about gratitude and the crazy impact it can have on someone in your life.

We’re grateful for you.
-Peter and Kody
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